Death Thy Lover - Digipak EP

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Release: 03.06.2016
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VÖ Datum 03.06.2016
Genre Doom Metal
Verpackung Digipak
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LTD 4 Page Digipack – 4 brand new tracks!

are back to celebrate 30 years of Doom with a brand new EP! The special anniversary release named Death Thy Lover features four studiotracks with Mats Levén on vocals. The band is also happy to announce that Mats Levén, who’s a longtime friend of the band, is now the permanent singer for the Swedish Doom Metal Squad. Epic riffs meet monumental parts of heavy metal!  3 decades of Epic Doom Metal, 3 decades of CANDLEMASS: Tons of Epic Doom Metal awaits, even for the next decades & generations! 


1. Death Thy Lover
2. Sleeping Giant
3. Sinister N Sweet
4. The Goose