Demonica / Digipak 2-CD Re-Release

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Genre Black Metal
Edition Re-Release
Verpackung Jewelcase


This compilation of Behemoth's second and third demo - then just a sheer atmospheric black metal band - with a lot of alternative versions, cover songs and new recordings was limited to 10 000 pieces in 2006.


Disc 1
1. ...Of My Worship (Intro)
2. Summoning of the ancient Gods
3. The Arrival
4. Dark triumph
5. Monumentum
6. Rise of the blackstorm of evil
7. Aggressor
8. Goat With A Thousand Young
9. Bless Thee For Granting Me Brain
10. Cursed Angel Of Doom
11. Transylvanian Forest

Disc 2
1. From hornedlands to Lindisfarne
2. Thy Winter Kingdom
3. Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones)
4. The Dance Of The Pagan Flames
5. Blackvisions Of The Almighty
6. Fields of Haar - Meggida
7. Deathcrush
8. Moonspell Rites (Alternative Version)
9. Blackvisions of the Almighty (Alternative Version)
10. Pure Evil and Hate (Alternative Version)
11. The Oak Between The Snows
12. Spellcraft & Heathendom (Re-Recorded Version)