Epica - CD

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Release: 31.01.2003
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VÖ Datum 31.01.2003
Genre Power Metal


Epica was the sixth album from Kamelot. It was the first concept album. This album, along with its sequel The Black Halo (2005), is a rock opera inspired by the story of Goethe's Faust. Epica tells Part 1 while The Black Halo tells Part 2. Most of the lyrics were written before the actual music was composed. The album inspired the naming of the band Epica after its release.


01. Prologue
02. Center of the Universe
03. Farewell
04. Interlude I: Opiate Soul
05. Edge of Paradise
06. Wander
07. Interlude II: Omen
08. Descent of the Archangel
09. Interlude III: At the Banquet
10. Feast for the Vain
11. On the Coldest Winter Night
12. Lost and Damned
13. Helena's Theme
14. Interlude IV: Dawn
15. The Mourning After (Carry On)
16. III Ways to Epica