Erntezeit / BLACK LP Gatefold

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Release: 18.11.2016
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VÖ Datum 18.11.2016
Genre Metalcore
Farbe Schwarz
Verpackung Gatefold Cover


Limited to 300 copies in BLACK Vinyl

are already widely known for creating Folk music in its most original, real and hones way. In-your-face lyrics recounting real life’s tales with good old Metal chords from the 90’s. Yes, it works & it fits so well that it becomes one with this prophetic and programmatic band DRESCHER. Their critically acclaimed debut album Erntezeitwas the start of the huge success of this remarkable Austrian band! NowErntezeit will be re-released incl. 3 bonus tracks, featuring Falco’s all-time classic “Rock Me Amadeus” and a 24 pages booklet.  Crossover-Metal spiked with Austrian dialect – simply: FOLKMETAL. Thrash-Metal from the hub of Austria – simply: DRESCH-METAL. This is DRESCHER.


1. First Blood
2. Der Gscheitling
3. Olles wos mir fehlt
4. Zeit zum Gehen
5. 5 Minuten Ruhm
6. Bled grennt
7. Zeitung von morgen
8. Danke fia nix
9. Dresch Quetschn
10. Geheiligt werde dein Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
11. Ass in Pik (Bonustrack, Motörhead Cover) (Bonustrack, Motorhead Cover)
12. Rock me Amadeus (Bonustrack, Falco Cover)
13. Olles schwoarz (Bonustrack, unreleased, Rolling Stones Cover)