Forgotten Legends / CD

Forgotten Legends / CD

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Release: 12.04.2013

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Genre: Black Metal


As a rule within the Black Metal scene many followers always consider any band’s first album to be the best. This also applies to DRUDKH as they created their trademark Slavonic Pagan Metal sound with “Forgotten Legends”, which embraces epic folk-influenced melodies and creates cinematic and luxuriant atmospheres charged with melancholy. To this day the three epic tracks and one outro are regarded as one of the highlights of the Pagan Black Metal genre. With “Forgotten Legends” the acclaimed beginning of DRUDKH is finally available in a carefully remastered and improved version with additional artwork.


1.False Dawn 15:57
2.Forests in Fire and Gold 08:54
3.Eternal Turn of the Wheel 11:44
4.Smell of Rain 02:46