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Release: 14.03.2014
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VÖ Datum 14.03.2014
Genre Hardcore


Two things you can count on with RINGWORM: freaking fast and double-freaking loud. You can also expect the Cleveland hardcore-thrashers to divvy out lyrical themes devoted to horror, nihilism, witchcraft, jackals and the king of the underworld. After all, the RINGWORM hell posse posits on their latest album "Hammer of the Witch" that one of us is going to die, so you might as well leave your skin at the door and die like a pig. Just another day in the metal underground, right?



01. Dawn of Decay
02. Bleed
03. Leave Your Skin at the Door
04. Exit Life
05. Psychic Vampire
06. King of Blood
07. I Recommend Amputation
08. Hammer of the Witch
09. We'll Always Have the End
10. One of Us is Going to Have to Die
11. Vicious Circle of Life
12. Die Like a Pig
13. Height of Revelation