Hollowed / Digipak CD

Hollowed / Digipak CD

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Release: 24.06.2016

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Genre: Sludge Metal


4 pages Digipak CD + 2 Bonus Track

Sludge Rock taken to new heights, saturated with monolithic doom and whisky soaked riffs!

Behold the power of the riff in all shapes and sizes: it would be a serious understatement, even borderline ignorance to simply lump Earth Ship in with the rest of the sludge rock genre – a horribly abused and undefined tag. On Hollowed, these Berlins once more gracefully tackle the soft yet stronger dynamic of bands like Kylesa and Black Tusk, celebrating and crowning the whole thing with morbid melodies Alice In Chains would be proud of. Saturated with monolithic doom and hauntingly good!

1. Reduced To Ashes
2. Hollowed
3. Valley Of Thorns
4. Conjured
5. Monolith
6. In Fire's Light
7. In The Arms Of Medusa
8. Castle Of Sorrow
9. Safeguard Of Death
10. Red Leaves
11. The Edge Of Time
12. Blood Candy (Bonus Track)
13. The Edge Of Time (Bonus Acoustic Track)