Last Patrol/BLACK 2-LP Gatefold

Last Patrol/BLACK 2-LP Gatefold

Art: LP
Art. Nr.: 18360
Release: 18.10.2013

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Genre: Rock

Farbe: Schwarz

Verpackung: Gatefold Cover


Limited Edition Gatefold 2-LP in BLACK Vinyl incl.  2 Bonus Tracks. 10th Studio Album from the Stoner Rock Pioneers

Considered one of the most creative, diverse, and hard-rocking of contemporary American bands, Monster Magnet is credited with pioneering “stoner rock”.  They’re noted for the uniqueness of their sound, their authenticity as a band, their ability to grow musically, and the intelligence and wit of their songs.

Fusing garage rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, punk and psychedelia – Last Patrol is Monster Magnet’s tenth studio album and a testament to everything they stand for.  In addition to musical influences, the band has always been inspired by comic book, science fiction, horror movies, and B-movies by filmmakers such as Roger Gorman and Russ Myer.


01.  I Live Behind the Clouds

02.  Last Patrol

03.  Three Kingfishers

04.  Paradise

05.  Hallelujah

06.  Mindless Ones

07.  The Duke (of Supernature)

08.  End of Time

09.  Stay Tuned

10.  Strobe Light Beatdown (Bonus Track)

11.  One Dead Moon (Bonus Track)