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Release: 03.09.2001
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VÖ Datum 03.09.2001
Genre Grunge
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Throughout the 1990's, Alice in Chains would release several albums, most famously the Dirt album (Facelift was released in late 1989), as it featured a track on the film Singles. While the band was classified as grunge, they were more of a metal band, as they were the heaviest sounding via instruments and lyrics, of all of the grunge bands. However, like almost all bands from this era, there would be tragedy. The main problem was drug abuse, most prominently with guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Mike Starr, and vocalist Layne Staley. Out of those three, two would die, Staley, and Starr. Even with these tragedies, the bands legacy is known very well as they helped pioneer grunge, and brought something different to the metal genre. This greatest hits album, features some of their most famous tracks from the 1990's. Songs worth mentioning are Man in the Box, Them Bones, Rooster, Your Decision, Stay Away, Again, and my personal favorite, Would?. The quality of the album is the same as the songs' previous releases, each with the haunting melodies of Staley and Cantrell, as well as Cantrell's notable guitar riffs. As far as the music itself goes, it's what AIC is basically, heavy riffs from beats with melodic harmonies. You'll be able to hear all of the instruments, but the vocals are one of the main attractions. And I'm sorry Seattle fans, but Layne Staley is better then Chris Cornell, and Kurt Cobain. For any new fan of Alice in Chains, or for a long time fan who wants to own the material that made the band well known, and not have to buy every album those songs are on, the greatest hits album is a must have. And while there are other compilation releases (the best being the Essential Alice in Chains), this is a good one to get yo started, as it features the key songs (without different versions), that will stay with you. May good things continue to come for Alice in Chains.


01. Man In The Box
02. Them Bones
03. Rooster
04. Angry Chair
05. Would?
06. No Excuses
07. I Stay Away
08. Grind
09. Heaven Beside You
10. Again