The Human Contradiction - CD

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Release: 04.04.2014
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VÖ Datum 04.04.2014
Genre Gothic Metal
Verpackung Jewelcase
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4th Album. Symphonic Metal Masterpiece.

DELAIN will not only enthral Symphonic Metal fans with their fourth album "The Human Contradiction", but also listeners new to the genre. Extremely catchy refrains, bewitching hooks and melodies, symphonic bombast and of course a good dose of Metal – that’s how Symphonic Metal has to sound in 2014! Vocalist supreme Charlotte Wessels and her equally talented band colleagues exceeded the highest expectations and have elevated the genre to a whole new level.


  1. Here Come the Vultures
  2. Your Body Is a Battleground
  3. Stardust
  4. My Masquerade
  5. Tell Me, Mechanist
  6. Sing To Me
  7. Army of Dolls
  8. Lullaby
  9. The Tragedy of the Commons