Greetings Metalheads & Napalm Maniacs!


Welcome to the Captain Napalm Club, where every member will get a reward in the form of  Napalm Eagles for each and every order!
Your personal account will grow with the very first order and you can redeem your earned Eagles for every single article (except Tickets) in our shop. Make sure to have a look at the FAQ listed below, to get an overview of the Captain Napalm Club.


Captain Napalm Club - FAQ


How do I earn Eagles for my personal account?
For each and every order, you will earn 3 Eagles for 1 EUR.


How much are my Eagles worth and when can I redeem them?
100 Eagles equal 1 EUR sales discount. Thus, EVERY customer earns a 3% discount in the form of our Eagles. Newly earned Eagles can be redeemed starting with the following order – in steps of a hundred.   


Will my previous orders be taken into account for my status in the Captain Napalm Club?
We are afraid that the Captain Napalm bonus system only applies to orders placed through our new online store starting from April 19 2013.


Loyal customers will be rewarded more!


In addition to the Eagles, we also want to thank our most loyal customers for their support. We will check the value of your orders of the last year (last 365 days), thus calculating your individual status. Depending on your own individual status, you will hold a different status in the Captain Napalm Club!


Status Order value (last 365 days) Discount
Captain Napalm Bronze Club 500€ - 1000€ 5% (3% Eagles + 2% instant discount for every order)
Captain Napalm Silver Club 1000€ - 1500€ 7% (3% Eagles + 4% instant discount for every order)
Captain Napalm Gold Club more than 1500€ 10% (3% Eagles + 7% instant discount for every order)

How long do I keep my individual status?
As long as you have reached a certain order value within the last 365 days (starting with the most recent order), the corresponding discount will automatically be applied and shown in your shopping cart.

Where can I see my current status?
Just go to our online shop and log in via "My Account". On the main page and on the left-hand side you can find the "Captain Napalm Club" area. There you can check your current status and which discount you will get for your next order.

Something unclear? Our mailorder staff will gladly answer all your questions!