Rock Until You Drop - VIOLETT Marmoriertes Vinyl

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Release: 16.09.2022
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VÖ Datum 16.09.2022
Genre Heavy Metal
Farbe Lila
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
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When it comes to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, one name always has to be mentioned: RAVEN.

The band was founded by the Gallagher brothers in 1974.
With the first 3 albums: Rock Until You Drop (1981), Wiped Out (1982), All for One (1983) the band has secured its place in the history books.

The aforementioned 3 albums will be released in 2022 as multicolor vinyl reissues.


1. Hard Ride
2. Hell Patrol
3. Don’t Need Your Money
4. Over the Top
5. 39-40
6. For the Future
7. Rock Until You Drop
8. Nobody’s Hero
9. Hellraiser / Action
10. Lambs to the Slaughter
11. Tyrant of the Airways