Mela Ananda Live - Digipack CD + DVD

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Release: 24.02.2017
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VÖ Datum 24.02.2017
Genre Prog Rock
Edition Limited Edition
Verpackung Digipak


Limited First Edition 8 Page Digipak & Bonus DVD

Mela Ananda – translates directly to “a gathering of bliss”. Given that it’s also My Sleeping Karma`s first live record of their decade long career, this is wildly appropriate! If you’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the live experience that this German four-piece unleashes, you`ll agree that the concert atmosphere provides a healthy dose of enchantment their much-loved brand of psychedelic rock. Moksha single ‘Prithvi‘ lures ou into a hypnotic evening which includes staples from all five studio albums by these instrumental wizards. Reckless heavy rock and multi-layered melodies to make you groove, freak out and dream away – whether you`re sweating in a tightly packed club or listening to Mela Ananda in your favorite headphones, My Sleeping Karma will breathe light into even the darkest of souls.

First live record of a decade long career! Beautiful, atmospheric and addictive!


01. Prithvi
02. Enigma42
03. Glow11
04. Ephedra
05. Vayu
06. Akasha
07. Brahama
08. Psilocybe
09. Tamas
10. Hymn72

Bonus DVD:
My Sleeping Karma „Let´s give it a try” (Video documentation 10 years MSK) 31:44
My Sleeping Karma at Rockpalast (28.03.2010 – Köln Underground) 42:02

01. Brahama
02. 23 Enigma
03. Glow11
04. Ahimsa
05. Tamas
06. Hymn72