Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie

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Release: 03.06.2016
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VÖ Datum 03.06.2016
Genre Heavy Metal


Volbeat are back with their 6th album "Seal the devil + let's Boogie". "Devil's Bleeding Crown", the opener of the fantastic new Volbeat album is only a few sounds old, since it holds a no longer in the chair: these threatening hissing guitars, the staccato way preschende forward drums, Michael Poulsen's signature vocals - effortlessly changierend from guttural growl into shock radiant vibrato - after all, the eruption in one of these absolutely irresistible choruses as they dominated only this band: an instant Firecracker highest order!


01. The Devil's Bleeding Crown
02. Marie Lavaeu
03. For Evigt (feat. Johan Olsen)
04. The Gates Of Babylon
05. Let It Burn
06. Black Rose (feat. Danko Jones)
07. Rebound
08. Mary Jane Kelly
09. Goodbye Forever
10. Seal The Deal
11. Battleship Chains
12. You Will Know
13. The Loa's Crossroad