Shake The Breakdown

Shake The Breakdown

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Release: 04.09.2015

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Genre: Rock


Second Full-Length Album. A wild rollercoaster ride with stoner attitude, MÖTLEY CRÜE glam, classic rock & feisty grooves! A two men inferno - pure rock fury hell


Brendan Harvey and Dale Hudak aka Jackson Firebird have proved for the second time that it only needs two guys to raise pure rock fury hell! Shake The Breakdown is so much more than just a cock rockin`affair though: the Australian duo invites us to a wild rollercoaster ride through several styles while rattling our bones with stoner attitude, Mötley Crüe glam, classic rock and feisty grooves! At the same time this album gives us a glimpse at the unbound and raw energy Jackson Firebird unleash on stage: shake it!!!



1.  Mohawk Bang!

2.  Get Away

3.  New Wave

4.  High love

5.  Sin For Your Lovin

6.  Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen Cover)

7.  Devil's Door

8.  Voodoo

9.  Headache Mantra

10. Sick ´n Tired

11. The Clapping Song (Shirley Ellis Cover)

12. Shake the Breakdown