The Best of the Blues/2-CD

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Release: 19.02.2002
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VÖ Datum 19.02.2002
Genre Blues


The Best of the Blues is a 2002 two-CD compilation album by Gary Moore. The first disc contains songs from his 1990s blues albums After Hours, Blues Alive, Blues for Greeny and, most prominently, Still Got the Blues. The second disc is entirely live. Both discs feature blues veterans Albert King, B. B. King and Albert Collins as guest artists.



CD 1

"Walking By Myself" (Jimmy Rogers) -- 2:55

"Oh, Pretty Woman" (A.C. Williams), feat. Albert King—4:24

"Still Got the Blues"—6:10

"Separate Ways"—4:54

"Since I Met You Baby" feat. B.B. King—2:51

"Story of the Blues"—4:34

"All Your Love" (Otis Rush) -- 3:40

"Too Tired" (Saul Bihari, Maxwell Davis, Johnny "Guitar" Watson), feat. Albert Collins—2:50

"Need Your Love So Bad" (Mertis John Jr.) -- 4:06

"Midnight Blues"—4:58

"King of the Blues"—4:34

"Jumpin' at Shadows" (Duster Bennett) -- 4:20

"Texas Strut"—4:49

"Moving On"—2:38

"Stop Messin' Around" (Peter Green) -- 3:52

"Parisienne Walkways -'93" (Phil Lynott, Moore) -- 5:02

"The Supernatural" (Green) -- 3:00


CD 2

"Caldonia", feat. Albert Collins & Albert King—5:35

"You Don't Love Me (No No No)" (Carlin, Dawn Penn, U-Roy) -- 4:17

"Key to Love" (John Mayall) -- 2:20

"The Thrill Is Gone" (Rick Darnell, Roy Hawkins), feat. B.B. King—8:43

"Stormy Monday" (T-Bone Walker), feat. Albert King—10:17

"Cold, Cold Feeling" (Jessie Mae Robinson), feat. Albert Collins—7:18

"Further Up the Road" (Don Robey, Joe Medwich Veasey), feat. Albert Collins—5:49

"The Stumble" (Freddie King, Sonny Thompson) -- 3:00

"Oh, Pretty Woman" (Williams) -- 4:07

"Walking By Myself" (Rogers) -- 4:10

"Too Tired" (Bihari, Davis, Watson) -- 3:40

"Still Got The Blues (For You)"—6:50

"All Your Love" (Rush) -- 3:54

"Midnight Blues"—6:58