Vovin - Gelb Rot Marmorierte 2- LP

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Release: 21.06.2024
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VÖ Datum 21.06.2024
Genre Symphonic Metal
Farbe Marmoriert
Edition Limited Edition
Verpackung Gatefold Cover
Anzahl 2



Die streng limitierte Napalm Records Edition erscheint auf gelb rot marmorierten doppel Vinyl im Gatefold und ist auf 300 Stück limitiert.

With their roots in death metal, THERION were one of the first to include symphonic and classical elements in their metal sound in the 90s: with violins, cello and double bass blending effortlessly with guitars, drums and bass. Now, Vovin – THERION’s seventh album and catalog best-seller, will be rereleased on LP via Napalm Records on June 24, 2022. Written entirely solo by founding member Christopher Johnsson and recorded with studio musicians, Vovin went on to be the band’s most successful release.

Exceedingly symphonic songs like opener “The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah” alternate with faster numbers, and with “Eye Of Shiva” the album finds a beautiful ballad with impressive guitar solos and catchy vocals. Album highlight “Clavicula Nox” shines as an over eight-minute piece boasting acoustic guitars, strings, solo vocals, choirs, guitar solos and incomparably pleasant, somber atmospheres, inviting the listener to lose themself completely in the music. With over 150,000 copies sold, Vovin marked the band’s place on top of the metal scene.




Seite A:
01 The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
02 Birth of Venus Illegitima

Seite B:
03 Wine of Aluqah
04 Clavicula Nox

Seite C:
05 The Wild Hunt
06 Eye of Shiva
07 Black Sun

Seite D:
08 Draconian Trilogy: The Opening
09 Draconian Trilogy: Morning Star
10 Draconian Trilogy: Black Diamonds
11 Raven of Dispersion