Victim Of Yourself/BLACK Vinyl Gatefold

Victim Of Yourself/BLACK Vinyl Gatefold

Art. Nr.: 18803
Release: 28.02.2014

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Genre: Thrash Metal

Farbe: Schwarz

Verpackung: Gatefold Cover


Limited Edition Gatefold LP in Black 180g Vinyl. Debut Full-Length Album from the Brazilian All Female Thrash Metal Band.

After the release of their critically acclaimed first sign of life, the Brazilian demolition crew unleashes their highly anticipated album debut! The all-female Thrash Metal combo pushes the pedal to the metal and offers the listener high-speed riffs, furious drumming and raging leads. The songs have a brutal and raw energy and are crowned by murderous hooks and the aggressive vocals by bassist Fernanda Lira. NERVOSA will take the Thrash Metal scene by storm!


The all-female Thrash brutality!


1.  Intro

2.  Twisted Values

3.  Justice Be Done

4.  Wake Up And Fight

5.  Nasty Injury

6.  Envious

7.  Morbid Courage

8.  Death

9.  Into Mosh Pit

10. Deep Misery

11. Victim Of Yourself

12. Uranio Em Nos