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Release: 10.06.2016
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VÖ Datum 10.06.2016
Genre Thrash Metal


After All have been the fl agship of the Belgian metal scene for more than 20 years. Tours with legends such as ANTHRAX, KING DIAMOND, SACRED REICH, FEAR FACTORY and even a show as support of JUDAS PRIEST certify an extraordinary career. Nothing seems to harm AFTER ALL‘s persistence: not the line-up changes they had to deal with nor the fact they suddenly found themselves without a record contract in 2010. After All impressively returned with a self-fi nanced EP »Becoming The Martyr«, which was a special recording for Killfest Tour 2011 (alongside OVERKILL, DESTRUCTION and HEATHEN). Now, four years after the critically acclaimed album »Dawn Of The Enforcer«, AFTER ALL once again prove to the world that you can‘t kill classic thrash metal!

The new After All album »Waves Of Annihilation« skillfully fires on all cylinders and shows all the trademarks that have made AFTER ALL a genuine thrash icon. Passionate energy meets creative songwriting. Guitarists Dries Van Damme and Christophe Depree deliver monster riff after monster riff – thrash fans will have tears of joy in their eyes! Vocalist Sammy Peleman shines once more with his unique and profoundly diverse voice, providing goosebumps especially in the clean sung choruses.

»Waves Of Annihilation« leaves no thrasher‘s wish unfulfi lled, while spicing things up with a serious dose of power metal infl uences. Mid-tempo stompers, raging high-speed thunder, fantastic guitar leads and riff s that will instantly heat up your neck into a frenzy: there’s more than enough proof that this album is an instant classic! Accordingly, the cover artwork was done by none other than Ed Repka, whose art already graced albums by illustrious names such as NUCLEAR ASSAULT, TOXIK, POSSESSED and VIO-LENCE. Recorded at MTM Studio (Belgium), Silent Survive Sound (Belgium) and refi ned by Dan Swanö at Unisound (Sweden), AFTER ALL‘s ninth strike will no doubt be every thrash fan‘s highlight of 2016.



01. Rejection Overruled

02. Target Extinction

03. The Unusual Sin

04. Fall In Line

05. None Can Defy

06. First Class Terror

07. REstore To Sanity

08. Lost In The Crowd

09. After The Hurt Is Gone

10 Destructive Force