BE - BLACK 2-Vinyl

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Release: 30.04.2021
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Release Date Apr 30, 2021
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 3


While the Swedish progressive metal / rock pioneers and innovators Pain of Salvation continue to challenge and bend stylistic boundaries with their frontline albums (Most recently: PANTHER, 2020), it’s about time to re-discover their comprehensive back-catalogue.

Two albums, originally released in 2004 are going to be rereleased for the first time on vinyl (double vinyl including the album on CD)

BE: the classic concept album

12:5: the acoustic live album


1. Animae Partus ("I Am")
2. Deus Nova
3. Imago (Homines Partus)
4. Pluvius Aestivus - Of Summer Rain (Homines Fabula Initium)
5. Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova) - On the Loss of Innocence
6. Nauticus (Drifting)
7. Dea Pecuniae
8. Vocari Dei - Sordes Aestas - Mess Age
9. Diffidentia (Breaching the Core) - Exitus - Drifting II
10. Nihil Morari - (Homines Fabula Finis)
11. Latericius Valete
12. Omni - Permanere?
13. Iter Impius - Martius, Son of Mars - Obitus Diotinus
14. Martius / Nauticus II
15. Animae Partus II