Born To Thrash (Live In Germany) - CD

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Release: 17.07.2020
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Release Date Jul 17, 2020
Genre Thrash Metal


Legendary German Thrash Metal band DESTRUCTION serve us with the first live album of the strongest line up they ever had. It was the release show for their last studio album „Born To Perish“ at Parti.San festival Germany 2019. Definitely an atmospheric highlight from Party.San festival just an raw and authentic piece of pure Thrash Metal.


1. Curse The Gods (Live in Germany)
2. Nailed To The Cross (Live in Germany)
3. Born To Perish (Live in Germany)
4. Mad Butcher (Live in Germany)
5. Life Without Sense (Live in Germany)
6. Betrayal (Live in Germany)
7. Total Desaster (Live in Germany)
8. The Butcher Strikes Back (Live in Germany)
9. Thrash Till Death (Live in Germany)
10. Bestial Invasion (Live in Germany)