Cinematic Tour 2020 - 4-DVD

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Release: 25.06.2021
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Release Date Jun 25, 2021
Genre Black Metal, Viking Metal
Edition Limited Edition
Number 4


ENSLAVED celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2021. To celebrate this milestone, By Norse Music and Nuclear Blast will release the "Cinematic Tour 2020".

The "Cinamatic Tour 2020" recordings are taken from concerts streamed by the band themselves. All 4 recordings will be released as limited splatter LPs and as 4-DVD and 4-DVD+CD box sets.

"The Rise of Ymir" was recorded as part of the Verftet Online Festival in Spring 2020.

All formats contains download cards for all 4 live recordings.


"The Rise of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020)"
1. Ethica Odini
2. Return to Yggdrasil
3. Ruun
4. The Dead Stare
5. The Crossing
6. Havenless
7. Sacred Horse
8. Isa

"Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)"
1. Ethica Odini
2. Roots of the Mountain
3. Fenris
4. 793 (Slaget om Lindisfarne)
5. Isa
6. The Watcher
7. Death in the Eyes of Dawn

"Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020)"
1. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
2. The Dead Stare
3. The Crossing
4. Queen of Night
5. Havenless
6. Ridicule Swarm
7. A Darker Place

"Utgard - The Jouney Within (Cinematic Tour 2020)"
1. Intro Utgardr
2. Jettegryta
3. Homebound
4. Urjotun
5. Flight of Thought and Memory