Follow Me Into Madness - RED Vinyl

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Release: 07.05.2021
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Release Date May 7, 2021
Genre Heavy Metal
Color Red
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
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Number 2


Marco Hietala didn't start his musical career with NIGHTWISH. In the mid 80's he co-founded the heavy metal band TAROT with his brother, and was considered one of the pioneers of Finnish heavy metal.

The first 4 albums of the band:

- The Spell Of Iron (1986)
- Follow Me Into Madness (1988)
- To Live Forever (1993)
- Stigmata (1995)

will be released in spring 2021 as a limited LP reissue on red vinyl.


  1. Descendants Of Power
  2. Rose On The Grave
  3. Lady Deceiver
  4. Follow Me Into Madness
  5. Blood Runs Cold
  6. Happy End
  7. No Return
  8. I Don't Care Anymore
  9. Breathing Fire
  10. I Spit Venom
  11. Shadow In My Heart