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Release: 22.10.2021
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Release Date Oct 22, 2021
Genre Punk
Packaging Digipak
Number 1


It is now fourteen years since the Rostock punk rock band DRITTE WAHL released their first collection of B-sides and rarities on CD and LP with "SINGLES". In such a long time, productive bands like DRITTE WAHL, who regularly release new albums and singles, naturally accumulate a lot of material that was only released on B-sides of limited singles, on samplers or possibly not at all. These pieces have now been lovingly compiled by the band and will be released on 22.10.2021 as "MEER SINGLES" on CD, LP, as download and in stream.
The LP, which is released on recycled vinyl, contains 14 tracks, 3 of which are previously unreleased. All other tracks are currently no longer available on record.
The CD version contains an additional 8 songs that were previously only available on vinyl.


  1. Ali Baba
  2. Zusammen
  3. Wenn ich groß bin
  4. Dorn im Ohr
  5. Er steht auf
  6. Anders
  7. Kneipe zu trockenen Kehle
  8. Weil's immer schon so war
  9. Ihr kotzt uns an
  10. Yankees raus
  11. Gibt's nicht
  12. Das ist toll
  13. Goldrausch
  14. Der letzte Vorhang
  15. Dornenweg
  16. Was für ein Tag
  17. Zum Licht empor - extendet Version
  18. Geblitzdingst (live in Rostock 2015)
  19. Keine Angst (live in Rostock 2015)
  20. Auge um Auge (live in Rostock 2015 )
  21. Sirenen (live in Rostock 2015)
  22. greif ein (live beim Karben Open Air 2019)