New Horizon

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Release: 27.09.2013
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Release Date Sep 27, 2013
Genre Rock


Stunning 4h Album from the UK Rock Band. Available Only for US and UK Customers !

THE ANSWER release with their stunning new album “New Horizon” the most thrillingly vital album of their career to date. This album is a statement of intent that showcases their trademark rock ‘n’ roll evangelism. Produced by Little Angels front man, Toby Jepson and mixed by the renowned Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica), The Answer have seldom sounded as electrified as they do on this recording. From the bullish bluster of the opening track, itself called ‘New Horizon’ and the irresistibly catchy thud ‘n’ thrust of ‘Spectacular’ to the muscular grooves and blues inspired ‘Baby Kill Me’ and the bold and brash call to arms of ‘Scream A Louder Love’, “New Horizon’s” 10 gleaming anthems offer a strident and skilful update of The Answer’s ageless manifesto. This is rock ‘n’ roll as it was always meant to be; raging with confidence and belief, crackling and sparking with feral energy yet exhibiting the kind of sublime flair that separates the instantly classic from the merely mundane.

The artwork was designed by the iconic and late Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin/ Muse), this package promises a brighter, louder and more unstoppably triumphant future for The Answer than ever. The band will immediately hit the road in October for a 40 date headline UK and European tour to take their super-amplified live show back to their global army of devoted fans!


1.  New Horizon
2.  Leave With Nothin'
3.  Spectacular (Album Version)
4.  Speak Now
5.  Somebody Else
6.  Concrete
7.  Call Yourself A Friend
8.  Baby Kill Me
9.  Burn You Down
10. Scream A Louder Love