An Elixir For Existence - CD

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Release: 23.02.2004
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Release Date Feb 23, 2004
Genre Gothic Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


Following Sirenia's majestic debut At Sixes and Sevens, An Elixir For Existence is perhaps the most logical second album that Sirenia could have produced.

This album takes everything right in the gothic metal genre e.g soothing female vocals, harsh vocals that always command you to pay absolute attention,
bombastic choirs and compiles them here.
While providing very enjoyable music on its on this is simply more than an album.

An Elixir for Existence takes you on a journey through the darkest and most melancholy parts of the human mind and spirit,
brightening your outlook on life.


01. Lithium and a Lover
02. Voices Within
03. A Mental Symphony
04. Euphoria
05. In My Darkest Hours
06. Save Me From Myself
07. The Fall Within
08. Star-Crossed
09. Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear