Tribe Of Force - CD

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Release: 26.02.2010
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Release Date Feb 26, 2010
Genre A Capella Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


VAN CANTO's third album will be casting much doubt over the well established definition of metal.

Don't come looking for screaming guitars or pounding bass on their latest work "Tribe of Force".
These vocal giants forego the support of electronic devices to create powerful tracks fit for the most discriminating of headbangers.
Van Canto's virtuous a cappella vocals build upon the rhythmic foundation of a mere drummer to create original compositions
that will bring metal fans enthusiastically to their knees.

The resonant production by Charlie Bauernfeind (Blind Guardian) emphasizes the sheer power behind each track and allows for a crystal clear sound.
Two very special highlights further embellish "Tribe of Force":
Legendary metal screamer Chris Boltendahl joins Van Canto for a unique rendition of Grave Digger's classic track "Rebellion"
and the vocal acrobats continue to keep the tradition alive and their fans on anticipatory edge by covering yet another Metallica hit.

"Tribe of Force" is forged of pure steel, and while it offers a different approach in the making,
the end result is sure to send Van Canto well on their way to Metal Olympus.


01. Lost Forever
02. To Sing a Metal Song
03. One To Ten
04. I am human
05. My Voice
06. Rebellion
07. Last Night of the Kings
08. Tribe of Force
09. Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth.
10. Master of Puppets
11. Magic Taborea
12. Hearted
13. Frodo´s Dream