Manufactum III LTD 2-CD Mediabook

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Release: 31.01.2013
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VÖ Datum 31.01.2013
Genre Medieval
Verpackung Mediabook


Limited First Edition Deluxe 2-CD Mediabook. Handgemacht, Mittelalterlich, Live auf dem MPS in Hamburg. With their sixth studio album "Sturm aufs Paradies", the minstrels of SALTATIO MORTIS stormed the into the Media Control Charts at Number 3. To keep the fire burning, they are releasing a live album "Manufactum III - Live auf dem Mittelaltermarkt". With a perfect sound and authentic atmosphere the band demonstrates, how to get masses of people dancing and freaking out to unplugged music. Fans of the band have been waiting impatiently for this album for a long time - finally they can listen to unreleased tracks from the unplugged setlist on their home stereo. Those who are preferring the rockier side of the band will find new interpretations of "Der letzte Spielmann", "Salome", "Nach Jahr und Tag", "Fiat Lux" and last but not least the catchy fan favorite "Eulenspiegel" on the album. Bagpipes, shalms, drums and also historic string instruments like the bouzouki and the hurdy-gurdy are come together in an incomparable and and one of a kind sound.. The conscious decision, to create a medieval live recording instead of a studio album was done, because this kind of music has to be played in front of an audience. It was important for SALTATIO MORTIS to capture the fantastic atmosphere in front of 8000 enthusiastic fans at the "Hamburger Spectaculum", where the music becomes a unique experience in the midst of an overwhelming atmosphere.


01. Intro MMXII (CD 1)
02. Veitstanz (CD 1)
03. Der letzte Spielmann (Akustik-Version) (CD 1)
04. La Ride (CD 1)
05. Salome (Akustik-Version) (CD 1)
06. Charybdis (CD 1)
07. Pirates Life (CD 1)
08. Scylla (CD 1)
09. Russe (CD 1)
10. Nach Jahr und Tag (Akustik-Version) (CD 1)
11. Fiat Lux (Akustik-Version) (CD 1)
12. Prometheus (CD 2)
13. Eulenspiegel (Akustik-Version) (CD 2)
14. Saltatio Mortis MMXII (CD 2)
15. Saltarello (CD 2)
16. La Jumente de Michao (Akustik-Version) (CD 2)
17. Wieder unterwegs (Akustik-Version) (CD 2)
18. Nichts bleibt mehr (CD 2)
19. Herr Holger (CD 2)
20. Spielmannsschwur (Akustik-Version) (CD 2)