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Genre Melodic Death Metal
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Almost four years have passed since Persefone unleashed their highly acclaimed album "Spiritual Migration". An impressive tour-de-force of insanely great musicianship that took both the press and the listeners by storm). With a new guitarist and a new drummer Persefone have now taken their music to the next level and are ready to release their brand new album "Aathma" to set the standard for progressive metal in 2017!

The band was formed in 2003 and after just a year, the first album, “Truth Inside the Shades”, was recorded. Carlos Lozano (Guitar and vocals), Miguel Espinosa (Keyboards and vocals), Jordi Gorgues (guitar) and Toni Mestre (bass) parting from Death metal, through progressive passages and even acoustics, demonstrated to have a great musicality. Bands like Opeth, Borknagar, Arcturus, Death, Symphony X or Cacophony are all a reference for this album.

Teaming up with Danish-based Intromental Management, the CD was released in 2004. The album was widely distributed and great feedback was received from the press. Persefone created their own little niche, through the original, complex, melodic and at times even aggressive metal that floated out of the speakers!

In 2005 Persefone got in the studio to start working on what was to become the biggest production ever, in the history of the band for that time and one of the most acclaimed album for media and fans.
The idea was simple: Telling the story of the goddess Persephone, who gives name to the band, in three long epic songs from the point of view of every main character in the story: Demeter (mother of Persephone), Hades (god of the Underworld) and Persephone herself.
A long epic story with memorable solos, harmonies, complex rhythms and beautiful melodies in 70 minutes of non-stop music.
In 2006 the album was released by the very small Greek label Burning Star Records, but the lack of promotion was evident, and the lack of courage to promote such an intriguing project, left the album forgotten to the public eye (in spite of the great media response).
In 2013, when the band released their fourth Persefone album, "Spiritual Migration". Persefone did two European tours and two Asian tours to support the album.

Persefone is innovative music for the open-minded listener.


1. An Infinitesimal Spark
2. One of Many...
3. Prison Skin
4. Spirals Within Thy Being
5. Cosmic Walkers
6. No Faced Mindless
7. Living Waves
8. Vacuum
9. Stillness Is Timeless
10. Aathma Part I. Universal Oneness
11. Aathma Part II. Spiritual Bliss
12. Aathma Part III. One with the Light
13. Aathma Part IV. ...Many of One