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Release: 21.08.2015
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VÖ Datum 21.08.2015
Genre Rock
Verpackung Jewelcase


Commented drummer Tiger: „About ten years ago, when we - independently of one another - moved to Berlin, we just wanted to break free from home and do something new. I thought it was comfortable, to blend in and just live from day to day. A lot of very long nights and so many completely different people at one place. Where there are opposites you can always ground yourself. We’re all different, come from different places but have managed to create something together we all like. I think the Berlin lifestyle has influenced our band very much and therefore fits perfectly as the album’s title.“


1 - Lord Of The Sky 4:27

2 - Last Living Dinosaur 4:05

3 - Thousand Miles Away From Home 4:53

4 - Filthy Illusion 3:45

5 - Pale Blue Eyes 3:28

6 - Stolen Dreams 3:57

7 - The Old Man 4:05

8 - Spanish Wild Rose 4:30

9 - See The World With Your Own Eyes 4:07

10 - Circles In My Mind 3:47

11 - Into The Night 4:30