Captain Napalm's "Triptych"

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Release: 03.03.2023
66,66 €
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VÖ Datum 03.03.2023
Genre Alternative Rock, Crossover, Dark Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Epic Metal, Folk Metal, Glam Metal, Gothic Metal, Groove Metal, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Modern Metal, Nu Metal, Post Rock, Prog Metal, Prog Rock, Punkrock, Stoner Rock, Thrash Metal, Viking Metal
Farbe tba
Verpackung Boxset
Anzahl 3


“Box Box Box” is a slogan well-known from Formula 1 races. What works in the royal class of motorsports can't be wrong in the royal class of heavy metal. That's why Captain Napalm put together 3 boxes from the great Napalm Records repertoire for a special price of € 66.66.

“Captain Napalm's Triptych” includes 3 randomly assembled boxes. It can be a wooden box, clamshell box or earbook, and include CDs or LPs. Surprise!!!