Scorn Defeat - 2-CD

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Release: 18.09.2020
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Release Date Sep 18, 2020
Genre Black Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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Number 2


"Scorn Defeat" was the only album of a non-Scandinavian band that was ever released on Deathlike Silence.

The Japanese black metal band SIGH released their debut album on Euronymous' label and achieved cult status, which both the band and the album still have.

Special double CD edition. This 2020 version of Scorn Defeat includes additional early demos, rough mixes of album tracks, a rare live show recorded on the album's 20th anniversary, plus a booklet featuring an interview with mainman Mirai Kawashima (sharing his recollections from the album writing and recording period) and rare photos.


CD 1:
1 A Victory of Dakini
2 The Knell
3 At My Funeral
4 Gundali
5 Ready for the Final War
6 Weakness Within
7 Taste Defeat
8 The Knell (Rough mix)
9 At My Funeral (Rough mix)
10 Taste Defeat (Rough mix)
CD 2:
1 The Knell
2 A Victory of Dakini
3 Third Eye
4 The Knell
5 Gundali / Teacher's Pet
6 Taste Defeat
7 The Knell
8 Desolation
9 Countless Bathory
10 Weakness Within
11 A Victory of Dakini
12 Schizo
13 Evil Dead
14 Witching Hour