10 Year Anniversary - Live in Reykjavik - Digipak 2-CD + Blu Ray in Slipcase

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Release: 23.10.2020
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Release Date Oct 23, 2020
Genre Viking Metal
Packaging Slipcase
Number 3


8-Page Digipak double CD + Blu Ray in Slipcase

Viking Metal ice giants SKÁLMÖLD will release their new live album, 10 Year Anniversary - Live In Reykjavík, on September 25, 2020. The album was recorded during their three consecutive sold-out shows at the Gamla Bíó, Reykjavík, Iceland and transports the mythical atmosphere directly into the listener’s home. SKÁLMÖLD celebrated their 10th anniversary together with their devotees in their hometown, right where it all began.
Starting off with their chant-worthy song “Heima”, SKÁLMÖLD had concert-goers screaming along from the first second. Quickly transforming into “Árás”, fans almost immediately got to see the wild side of the band which manifests in menacing vocals, fast riffs and protruding drums. SKÁLMÖLD classics, like the story of the son of Loki, “Narfi”, and just how dangerous and manipulative Loki’s children truly are, were essential for the setlist. “Niðavellir”, the obscure home of the dwarves, tells the story of tombs and caves, underlined with propelling drums and heavy rhythms. A catchy guitar riff and alternating vocal lines that exude the energy of SKÁLMÖLD’s smashing live performances make „Að hausti” an absolute stunner. This is pure Viking Spirit!
See and listen for yourself and get 10 Year Anniversary - Live In Reykjavík as an 8 Page-Digipack with sleeve on three trays (CD/ CD/BluRay), 2LP Gatefold in multiple colors with BluRay in sleeve or in a digital format!

10 Years of pure Viking Spirit - Live On Stage in Reykjavik


CD 1    
01    Heima
02    Árás
03    Að hausti
04    Fenrisúlfur
05    Narfi
06    Midgarðsormur
07    Niflheimur
08    Með fuglum
09    Mara

CD 2    
01    Móri
02    Niðavellir
03    Að vetri
04    Dauði
05    Gleipnir
06    Með jötnum
07    Kvaðning

01    Heima
02    Árás
03    Að hausti
04    Fenrisúlfur
05    Narfi
06    Miðgarðsormur
07    Niflheimur
08    Með fuglum
09    Mara
10    Móri
11    Niðavellir
12    Að vetri
13    Dauði
14    Gleipnir
15    Með jötnum
16    Kvaðning