Acts Of God - CD

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Release: 18.02.2022
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Release Date Feb 18, 2022
Genre Death Metal
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After five long years have passed since the last studio album ATONEMENT, ACTS OF GOD emphatically shows their ability to create fascinating, dark and brutal sounds that preserve and develop their roots in the New York old school death metal sound.


01. Abandoned
02. An Act Of God
03. The Age Of No Light
04. Noose Of Thorns
05. Shed The Light
06. Blooded
07. Overtures Of The Wicked
08. Immoral Stain
09. Incineration Procession
10. Broken Prey
11. Derelict Of Spirit
12. When Halos Burn
13. Let The Darkness In
14. And The Flames Wept
15. Apostle