Aphelion - BLACK 2-Vinyl+CD

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Release: 27.08.2021
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Release Date Aug 27, 2021
Genre Prog Metal
Color Black
Packaging Gatefold
Number 3


Norway’s LEPROUS return with their new, seventh studio album!

Veering from some of the most intense material to some of the most delicate music in the LEPROUS career, “Aphelion” is an album of beautifully crafted and meticulously arranged 10 mini-masterworks in a playing time of 56 minutes


  1. Running Low               
  2. Out Of Here
  3. Silhouette     
  4. All The Moments       
  5. Have You Ever?          
  6. The Silent Revelation              
  7. The Shadow Side       
  8. On Hold
  9. Castaway Angels       
  10. Nighttime Disguise
  11. A Prophecy To Trust              
  12. Acquired Taste (Live 2021)