At The Gates Of Hell - CD

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Release: 27.11.2020
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Release Date Nov 27, 2020
Genre Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Osmose Production still has something special 2020 to offer for all fans of Black/Thrash Metal, especially for passionate listeners of BEWITCHED.

The first 4 albums of the band:

- Diabolical Desecration (1996)
- Pentagram Prayer (1997)
- At The Gates Of Hell (1999)
- Rise Of The Antichrist (2002)

will be rereleased on CD, as well as the compilation "Encyclopedia of Evil & Hell Comes to Essen" will also be released on CD, after the release was only available digitally.


1. Sabbath of Sin
2. Heaven Is Falling
3. Black Mass
4. The Devil's Daughters
5. At the Gates of Hell
6. Let the Blood Run Red (Thor cover)
7. Lucifer's Legacy
8. The Sinner and the Saint
9. Enemy of God
10. Infernal Necromancy