Black Majik Terror - CD

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Release: 30.10.2020
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Release Date Oct 30, 2020
Genre Speed Metal
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


Jewelcase CD

“2020 marks the electrifying arrival of STÄLKER's newest offering, Black Majik Terror. Hot off the heels of their last single Powermad, Stälker wasted no time in disproving the lurking presence of the dreaded sophomore slump. 2017's Shadow of the Sword received an exuberant response and now the band is back with more speed, more power, and most importantly more riffs. Black Majik Terror is a cacophony of speed metal mayhem sure to enchant any and all freaks, from the nefarious hordes of metalheads to the street side mobs of low down rock n rollers. With primal energy fueling their assault, Daif, Nick, and Chris put on a truly adept performance as they riddle their fans with a hail of piercing tracks that will leave the world in putrid flames. Black Majik Terror is here, and it is here to raise hell.”


1    Of Steel and Fire
2    Black Majik Terror
3    Sentenced To Death
4    Stalker
5    Holocene's End
6    Demolition
7    The Cross
8    Iron Genocide
9    Intruder

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