A Dark Euphony RED Vinyl

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Release: 29.09.2023
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Release Date Sep 29, 2023
Genre Symphonic Metal
Color Red
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Single Cover
Number 1


Ltd. Red Vinyl

Formed in 2012 by Zora Cock, René Boxem, Bart Winters, and Frank Akkerman, they crafted their first single in 2014 with ‘Ready to Kill,’ but it was 2015’s second single ‘Until Eternity’ that truly propelled them into the scene. A sweeping track with an equally compelling and beautiful video, it continues to draw many to the act with over 20 million views since its debut. Taking advantage of the growing buzz surrounding the band, they independently recorded and released their first EP, Fractured Fairytales, as well as acquiring a second guitarist in Robin Koezen. This EP layed down an impressive foundation for the band’s ethereal and breathtaking sound and brought about new opportunities for the act, including tour dates in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and more, where the band played alongside EPICA, HALESTORM, IN THIS MOMENT, DELAIN and MaYan. Blackbriar has refined their dark and seductive vision of alternative/ gothic metal to surreal, cinematic levels with three previous EPs and their first full-length offering in 2021’s The Cause of Shipwreck. With a strong internet presence with over 214,000 YouTube subscribers and 46.1 million channel views as well as 27.6 million Spotify streams and 150,000 monthly streamers on the platform, Blackbriar is ready to lure you into the sea. Prepare to be swept away by addictive hooks, theatrical soundscapes, and darkly whimsical storytelling as the band, now signed to Nuclear Blast Records, sets their sights on a 2023 follow-up, accompanied by long-time collaborator Joost van den Broek.


Side A:
01 An Unwelcome Guest
02 Far Distant Land
03 Spirit of Forgetfulness
04 Bloody Footprints in the Snow
05 The Evergreen and Weeping Tree

Side B:
06 Cicada
07 My Soul’s Demise
08 We Make Mist
09 Thumbelina
10 Forever and a Day
11 Crimson Faces