Tales From The North - Digipak 2-CD

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Release: 07.07.2023
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Release Date Jul 7, 2023
Genre Power Metal
Packaging Digipak
Number 2


"Tales From The North" - the tenth studio album of the Swedish power metal band BLOODBOUND. Again a solid, catchy orchestral and symphonic direction without losing their passion for anthemic tracks. Their best album so far!


Tales From The North:
1. Tales From The North
2. Drink With The Gods
3. Odin's Prayer
4. The Raven's Cry
5. Mimir's Crystal Eye
6. Between The Enemy Lines
7. Land Of Heroes
8. Sail Among The Dead
9. Stake My Claims
10. Sword And Axe
11. 1066

Bonus CD: Live From The Dark Realm
1. Bloodtale
2. Creatures Of The Dark Realm
3. Slayer Of Kings
4. In The Name Of Metal
5. Stand And Fight
6. When Fate Is Calling
7. Stormborn
8. Battle In The Sky
9. Nightmares From The Grave
10. The Warlock's Trail
11. Moria
12. Dragons Are Forever
13. Rise Of The Dragon Empire
14. Nosferatu