Blutbahnen - WHITE 2-Vinyl

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Release: 17.06.2022
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Release Date Jun 17, 2022
Genre Black Metal
Color White
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition, Remastered
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


The Thuringian "masters of the morbid" EISREGEN have been doing their thing since the mid-90s, and have brought it in their long career to countless albums that are also called classics far outside the EISREGEN fan community.

Two of these albums:

- Leichenlager (2000)
- Blutbahnen (2007)

Appear in June 2022 for the first time on vinyl. Each with a new cover (by Svartir Andar Graphix) and as each limited to 300 red, 300 white and 400 black double LPs.

To round off the reissue perfectly, both albums were specially remastered by M. Stock.


1. Auftakt: Eine kleine Schlachtmusik/Eisenkreuzkrieger
2. Dornenwall
3. Hauch von Räude
4. 17 Kerzen am Dom
5. Blutbahnen
6. Alphawolf
7. Frischtot
8. Schlachthausblues
9. Zurück in die Kolonie
10. Schneuz den Kasper
11. Eine erhalten (Bonus)