Bonecrushing Demos & Rehearsals 1984-1985 - Slipcase CD+DVD

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Release: 16.06.2023
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Release Date Jun 16, 2023
Genre Thrash Metal
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Remastered
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CD+DVD. The CD contains the two TORMENTOR demos "Blitzkrieg" and "End Of The World" and the KREATOR recording "Bonecrushing Rehearsals". On the bonus DVD you get to see the "Heavy Metal Battle 1986". Comes in a slipcase and with 2 booklets.

Alongside Tankard, Destruction and Sodom, Kreator are among the founders of Teutonic Thrash Metal.

In the course of time, Kreator have played their way not only to the top of the German Thrash Metal, but also to the top of the world thrash spear.

But even Mille and Co. started out small. In their teens, they founded the band Tormentor, which later became Kreator, and recorded two demos in 1985.

After the change to KREATOR, the debut album "Endless Pain" was released in 1985. On the "Bonecrusing Rehearsals" there are some tracks that made it onto the album. A piece of Thrash Metal history.

Sound restoration/mastering by Patrick W. Engel (Temple Of Disharmony) from November 2020 / January 2022. The cover is done by Alexander von Wieding.


1. Tormentor - Armys of Hell
2. Tormentor - Cry War
3. Tormentor - Satans Day
4. Tormentor - Massengers from Burning Death
5. Tormentor - Armys of Hell
6. Tormentor - Tormentor
7. Tormentor - Cry War
8. Tormentor - Bonebreaker
9. Kreator - Endless Pain
10. Kreator - Command of the Blade
11. Kreator - Storm of the Beast
12. Kreator - Death Is Your Survivour
13. Kreator - Living in Fear
14. Kreator - Son of Evil
15. Kreator - Tormentor
16. Kreator - Total Death
17. Kreator - Storm of the Beast
18. Kreator - Endless Pain

Heavy Metal Battle 1986