Santa Muerte - BLACK Vinyl

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Release: 24.11.2023
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Release Date Nov 24, 2023
Genre Punk
Color Black
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue
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2011 saw the release of "Santa Muerte," the Broilers' fifth album. With this longplayer, the Düsseldorf band managed to step out of the underground into the top group of German rock acts; it was also the first disc to be honored with a gold award. Not surprisingly, it contained songs that are now classics of the Broilers repertoire such as "Tanzt du noch einmal mit mir?", "33 RPM", "Harter Weg (Go!)" or "Wie weit wir gehen". "Santa Muerte" was fed by the experience of more than half a lifetime the musicians had already spent in their band at that time and a variety of influences that made their sound and lyrics an unusual event in this country. 17 years after the band's formation, the quintet had finally found an unmistakable sound on this album, a raw, melodic mixture of punk rock, rockabilly, soul and ska, with which they conquered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans in the years to come.

After "Santa Muerte" was released only in a tiny vinyl edition, which today is traded at lunar prices, this album, which was groundbreaking for the band, will finally be released on 24.11.2023 in a new vinyl edition by popular demand.


1. Preludio: Santa Muerte
2. Harter Weg (Go!)
3. In ein paar Jahren?
4. Tanzt Du noch einmal mit mir?
5. Schwarz, grau, weiss
6. Verdammte Stille
7. Gemeinsam
8. 33 rpm
9. Vom Scheitern (The World Is Yours, Nicht!)
10. Alles geht weiter
11. Weckt die Toten
12. Wie weit wir gehen
13. Stossen wir an
14. Singe, Seufze & Saufe