Chaos A.D. / BLACK 2-LP

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Release: 13.10.2017
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Release Date Oct 13, 2017
Genre Groove Metal
Color Black
Edition Re-Release
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Remastered ReRelease of the 4 SEPULTURA Album originally released in 1993 by Roadrunner.

BLACK 2-LP Edition with lots of Bonus Live Tracks, Cover Versions and much more


Side A:
1. Refuse/Resist
2. Territory
3. Slave New World
4. Amen
5. Kaiowas
6. Propaganda 

Side B:
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Nomad
9. We Who Are Not as Others 
10. Manifest
11. The Hunt (New Model Army cover)
12. Clenched Fist

Side C:
1. Chaos B.C.
2. Symptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath cover)
3. Inhuman Nature (Final Conflict cover)
4. Polícia (Titãs cover)
5. Crucificados pelo Sistema (Ratos de Porão cover)
6. Clenched Fist
7. Propaganda

Side D:
8. Clenched Fist
9. Refuse/Resist (live)
10. Slave New World (live)
11. Propaganda (live)
12. Beneath the Remains/Escape to the Void (live)
13. Kaiowas (live)
14. Clenched Fist (live)
15. Biotech Is Godzilla (live)
16. Territory (live)
17. Amen/Inner Self (live)