Dawn Of The Nine Suns / Digipak CD

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Release: 09.11.2018
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Release Date Nov 9, 2018
Genre Melodic Death Metal
Packaging Digipak


Buried in the past between ancient pyramids and overgrown tombs lay the fascinating myths of some of the world’s most remarquable cultures. The stories of their long forgotten myths rarely find their way into today's music scene, but KAMBRIUM have always swam against the tide, ever since their inception in 2005. For their fourth studio album, out on November 9th, they used their fast-paced mix of melodic death metal and opulent orchestral bombast to carry away their fans into the long-gone world of the Aztecs and Maya. And with a complex concept full of magic and historical treasures, KAMBRIUM breathe new life into the forgotten stories of these high cultures.

"The theme can be found throughout the entire album, but it is not a coherent story per se, except for three songs. Apart from these, I would rather call it a collection of various myths," the band explains. "We have spent a lot of time on research, to compile the most thrilling and tragic stories. At the same time, it was important for us to capture the spirit of the past - lyrically as well as musically. I think we succeeded, and the listener will be pulled directly into the jungle. There are many different scenarios to be found in the songs: A burning village, the rainforest at night, the haunting atmosphere of an offering ritual, the fight between two antagonized tribes, and much more."

This mood was once again visually captured by Felipe Machado, who previously worked with Blind Guardian, Xandria or Rhapsody Of Fire and now presents the eleven new songs in a mystically mesmerizing outfit.

Additionally, for the first time in their 13-year band history, the quintet from Helmstedt had the chance to work with a choir consisting of 16 strong male voices to accompany the martial spirit of the ancient war spectacles in the most epic way possible.

"We quickly realized that we have songs on the album that need a massive choir to add to the catchy choruses. So far we have never done anything like that and we were very excited about the result. Our choir consisted of many friends who are musicians themselves and we decided to go for male voices, as this fits the theme better than a classical choir. The aggressive element as well as the terrifying hunt of the individual tribes seems a lot more martial and intense with a male choir."

"Dawn of the Five Suns" swings from one catchy melody to the next: Starting with the impulsive ‘Forest Hunt’, over to the instrumental ‘Nocturnal Woods’, which leads through the dark and enchanting corners of the nocturnal rainforest, to the “Blood Soaked Goddess”, that the band recorded with Melissa Bonny (RAGE OF LIGHT, EVENMORE)… the era of Latin American high cultures is rising again.

In the renowned Kohlekeller Studio under the direction of Kristian Kohlmannslehner, KAMBRIUM recorded their most ambitious full-length release to date, and will once again deliver a monumental offering of orchestral hymns filled with a variation of growls and clean vocals as well as thunderous drums - but this time the band outgrows itself and drags you right into the forgotten depths of the wild Amazon.


1. Forest Hunt
2. Dawn Of The Five Suns
3. Against All Gods
4. Cabrakan, God Of Mountains
5. Everlasting Resistance
6. Ghost Shaman
7. Tribe Of Darkness
8. Nocturnal Woods
9. Sacrifices Must Be Made
10. Blood Soaked Goddess
11. Lord Of Mictlan