Days of Wrath CD

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Release: 02.11.2007
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Release Date Nov 2, 2007
Genre Doom Metal
Packaging Jewelcase


The Norwegian Doom machine offers heavy and viscid symphonies, which are not only massive and brutal, but also raw and coarse.
The hypnotic drumming highlights the raw sounds and vocals,
as well as the tuned-down guitars that produce one crushing riff after another, as if forged from the confines of inner conflict.

Expect no lovely melodies or kitsch. "Days of Wrath" delivers a violent and hopeless approach to the musical experience


1. Are You Able to Breathe Fire?
2. Semper Ardens
3. The Firm Grip of Death
4. Stigma Diabolikum
5. Come Daemons
6. Nine Fallen Men
7. A Death Tear
8. The Twilight Enigma