Down The Spiral Of A Soul - CURACAO Vinyl

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Release: 07.07.2023
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Release Date Jul 7, 2023
Genre Alternative Metal, Modern Metal
Color corona
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A LIFE DIVIDED release their new modern rock/metal album "Down The Spiral Of A Soul", which combines heavy guitar riffs, powerful shouting and clean vocals. This mixture makes this album a masterpiece! It collected several million streams and already reached #39 in the official German charts.

With their new album "Down The Spiral Of A Soul" the German modern metal quartet A LIFE DIVIDED returns to its roots. The reality sets it: It becomes harder, darker and angrier at the same time. "Down The Spiral Of A Soul" will be released on 07 July 2023, as a limited box set, as a CD digiak as well as digitally. The album was recorded in the in-house A LIFE DIVIDED Studios under the direction of musical band mastermind Erik Damköhler, mix and master was done by Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay) from Sawdust Studios.




1. Last Man Standing
2. Best Time
3. Life Goes On
4. True Religion
5. Disorder
6. Thanks For Nothing
7. Hand Of Healing
8. Tear Down the Walls
9. Send Me An Angel
10. Burn The Fields
11. Down The Spiral Of A Soul