Engulfed In Terror - CD

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Engulfed In Terror - CD

Art: CD
Art. Nr.: 66199
Release: 24.11.2020

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Genre: Death Metal, Goregrind

Packaging: Jewelcase


5th album by the German Goregrind veterans. Released by Rotten Roll Rex


1. Blotching Protoplasma
2. Raid of the Undead
3. Human Extermination
4. Martian Massinvasion
5. Crawling Giant
6. Unearthly Warfare
7. The Horrifying Horde
8. Eight legged Terror
9. Rampaging Master-Beast
10. Afflicted Zombification
11. Shattering Swarm
12. Test Tube Terror
13. Deadly Menace
14. Thundering Sea Giant
15. Atoms Gone Wild
16. Tremendous Terror-Beast
17. Hungering for Human Pray
18. Prehistoric Abomination
19. From Laboratory Into War