Enisum's Roots - COLOURED Vinyl

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Release: 03.07.2020
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Release Date Jul 3, 2020
Genre Black Metal, Pagan Metal
Color tba
Edition Limited Edition
Packaging Gatefold Cover
Number 2


Limited to 300 handnumbered copies in coloured double vinyl.

As a one-man band, Enisum recorded a series of demo albums which were never released but in a digital form, and Enisum’s Roots collects all that material for the first time both on cd and a colored double lp

Here is everything Lys ever composed and recorded prior to the proper debut, Samoht Nara , released in 2014, namely Enisum (2006), Sedlec Kostnice (2006), Mountain’s Breath (2010), Black Autumn (2012) and Desolation (2013/2014). Everything was strictly self-produced by Lys, and now is released for the first time in a single package enriched by the evocative art of Alessia Brusco (Skogens Rymd Art).

This is where Enisum started, these are Enisum’s Roots .


1. Enisum I
2. Enisum II
3. Kostnice I
4. Kostnice IV
5. Desolate Waters
6. Souls In The Fog
7. Mountain’s Breath
8. Wolves Enchant
9. Black Autumn
10. Desolation IV
11. Desolation V
12. Desolation VI
13. Desolation VII
14. Desolation VIII
15. Desolation IX