Enter The Land Of The Dark Forgotten Souls Of Eternity - RED 7" Vinyl

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Release: 07.03.2022
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Release Date Mar 7, 2022
Genre Death Metal
Color Red
Edition Re-Release, Re-Issue, Limited Edition
Packaging Single Cover
Number 1


A small part of the Swedish Death Metal history at the end of the 80s beginning of the 90s:

Christofer Johnsson founded the band THERION in 1988, which at that time was still deeply rooted in old school death metal.

He was also involved in another band at that time. Together with former OPETH singer (pre "Orchid" times) David Isberg he formed the band PROCREATION.

The two demos "Satanic Nightmares" 1989 and "Enter the Land of the Dark Forgotten Souls of Eternity" 1990 should remain the only releases of the band.

The 1990 demo is released over 30 years later as a 7" via Nomad Snakepit (200 copies on red vinyl).

Excerpted directly from the original ’90 master tape. Officially, this demo only featured three tracks. Tracks 4-7 are previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same recording session.



Side A:
1. Land of the Dark
2. Rip My Soul
3. Black Triumph

Side B:
4. Yperated Zore-Zemosis
5. Procreation of the Antichrist
6. Emperors of Death
7. Dead Before Birth