Erlösung - The Victory Of Light - CD

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Release: 16.07.2021
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Release Date Jul 16, 2021
Genre Dark Wave, Electro
Packaging Jewelcase
Number 1


A new age is dawning for Blutengel with „Erlösung – The Victory of Light“. Blutengel and their music is its own attitude towards life, a creed - almost its own religion! Never before have there been so many German songs on a Blutengel album as this time. Hand in hand with the artwork by Stefan Heilemann (Heilemania) Blutengel will seduce you completely into their world. After the light comes the darkness and after the darkness the light. An eternal cycle that ignites in "Redemption - The Victory of Light" and takes the listener into the realm of Blutengel.


1. Illuminate my Soul
2. Wir sind das Licht
3. We are not dead
4. Seasons
5. Wer ist dein Meister?
6. Deine Dämonen
7. I am the Darkness
8. Erlöse mich
9. Wie Sand
10. No Religion
11. Darkness awaits us
12. We fall
13. The Victory of Light
14. Hand in Hand